Air hoist Liftmaster

Features of air hoist

The air chain hoist, why?
A hoist cannot be selected solely on the basis of its lifting capacity. Ease of operation, environment, intended use, frequency of use and degree of speed control are important factors that need to be considered. The driving force behind increased use of the LIFTMASTER in the industrial market place is that a growing number of industries are simply finding the many inherent advantages of the LIFTMASTER.

The air chain hoist LIFTMASTER can be operated in explosive atmospheres and corrosive environments, because the air motor is inherently spark resistant and also extremely resistant to adverse external conditions.

Reliable, trouble free
Overloading will not damage the motor because there is an automatic switch-off over 1.000 kg capacity. Whether you are faced with constant stop-start or continuous operation, you can expect reliable performance.

Variable speed control
Infinitely variable speed control allows for accurate and precise load positioning. You can inch loads into position or increase the speed when accuracy is of less importance.

Smooth starts & stops
Important for operator safety as well as for reducing parts wear and maintenance. Smoother operation leads to less vibration, less stress on parts and a longer unit life.

Compact & lightweight
Small external dimensions and a lightweight construction make the LIFTMASTER hoist ideal for close head room situations and temporary installations.

Very economical
Approximately 1/3 of the cost of a wire-rope hoist of the same capacity with same features