Ex-proof lever hoist PREMIUM PRO-EX

Features of ex-proof lever hoist

Ex-proof lever hoist is the next development stage of the reliable  PREMIUM PRO. Thanks to a significant weight saving, handling is improved. Despite this, the frame has been strengthened compared to the previous generation. Proven quality also ensures longevity and its design makes it very robust. 

Free-running mode on Ex-proof lever hoist
 When the selection switch is moved to the middle point, the unladen chain can easily be pulled though the device freely to the required usage length. This makes tensioning the chain easier.

Load chain
The tempered, galvanised load chain according to DIN EN 818-7-T is supplied with the unit. The standard lifting height is 1.5 m; any length required for higher lifting is possible.   

New chain end piece
The robust chain end piece provides additional safety because it cannot be pulled through the device with the chain.

Protected handle
The ergonomic rubber handle on the end of the lever protects the user against injury and is also screwed in place to prevent it slipping.

Technical advantages
Hand lever can be used in any position thanks to the ratchet; safety automatic mechanical brake; galvanised connecting parts; cast hook clip; large, non-slip and closed hand wheel; safety chain end piece.