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CTECH have the experience, know-how, and resources to meet a variety of industry needs, and we are committed to providing the premium quality products in the market.
Hoist spare parts for sale

Chain Hoist

Our range of electric chain hoists is vast, we can supply any hoist from our list of leading manufacturers such as PLANETA, DEMAG, VERLINDE, KONECRANES and SWF with capacities up to 10,000kg or otherwise known as 10 tonnes. It is durable and require minimum service and maintenance, thus saving your time and money so your business can function as efficiently as possible.

Features of electric chain hoist

PLANETA Chain hoist for sale
PLANETA Chain hoist
DEMAG Chain hoist for sale
DEMAG Chain hoist
Verlinde chain hoist for sale
VERLINDE chain hoist
KONECRANES Chain hoist for sale
KONECRANES Chain hoist
SWF Chain hoist for sale
SWF Chain hoist

Wire Rope Hoist

Our product range of wire rope hoist consists of European hoist such as DEMAG, VERLINDE, KONECRANES and SWF . We configured to your precise facility needs, from building headroom and workflow needs to environmental considerations. Available in monorail and double girder models up to 80 tons, Higher capacities can be engineered or customised upon request.

Good characteristic of hoisting motor

SWF wire rope hoist for sale
SWF wire rope hoist for sale
DEMAG wire rope hoist for sale
DEMAG wire rope hoist
KONECRANES hoist for sale
KONECRANES wire rope hoist
VERLINDE wire rope hoist for sale
VERLINDE wire rope hoist

Ex-proof Products

This is the lifting gear that operates in areas containing combustible or highly flammable vapours, liquids or dust, where a spark has the potential to start a fire or an explosion. we are able to supply lifting gear in accordance with the applicable rules, standards and regulations for explosion-protected operating materials, classified by Ex classes. For your safety!
We shall be pleased to offer you lifting gear suitable for the following applications in Ex-protected areas:
Ex-proof trolley for sale
Ex-proof trolley
Ex-proof level block for sale
Ex-proof level block
Ex-proof chain block for sale
Ex-proof chain block
Ex-proof air hoist for sale
Ex-proof air hoist
Ex-proof chain hoist for sale
Ex-proof chain hoist

Manual Gantry Crane

These custom-made portable gantry cranes are simple and easy to use and more importantly it is designed and manufactured according to the highest safety standard. The main advantage of portable gantry crane is it provides good space utilization and maximizes efficient use of space at factory / construction site. This independent portable gantry crane is the best solution as it can greatly reduce your cost of overall lifting equipment.

Features of Adjustable gantry crane

Aluminium gantry crane CT-1A for sale
Aluminium gantry crane
Aluminium gantry crane CT-2A for sale
Aluminium gantry crane
Portable gantry crane for sale
Aluminium gantry crane
Manual gantry crane CT-S for sale
Manual gantry crane
Railway air brake for sale
Railway air brake
Hydraulic drum brake for sale
Electro-hydraulic thruster
Industrial disc brake for sale
Winch caliper brake
Winch safety brake for sale
Emergency fail-safe brake
Storm dynamic brake for sale
Storm dynamic brake
Traveling wheel disc brake
Crane parking wheel brake

Industrial Brakes

CTECH offers industrial brakes and industrial braking systems used in a variety of demanding industrial applications such as on steel mill cranes, port cranes, and in marine applications. Our brakes product range are particularly suitable for applications with high-torque requirements where their electro hydraulic thruster brakes provide exceptional performance and reliability. These high-torque thruster brakes are suitable as service or emergency brakes for applications involving high circumferential speed and high operating cycles.
Our core brake product range consists of the following:


Our main focus is to provide a wide range of quality crane spares for customers from all over the world. We specialize in DEMAG Crane Parts, VERLINDE Crane Parts, KONECRANES Crane Parts, SWF Crane Parts and other brands. We are dedicated to provide a one-stop crane parts platform for clients.
Gantry crane parts for sale
Gantry crane parts
Single girder overhead crane parts for sale
Single girder overhead crane parts
Underhung crane parts for sale
Underhung crane parts
Jib crane parts for sale
Jib crane parts
Double girder overhead crane parts for sale
Double girder overhead crane parts
Monorail hoist parts for sale
Monorail hoist parts
Hoist gearbox & motor for sale
Gearbox & motor
Hoist inverter and electrical parts for sale
Inverter and electrical parts
Hoist parts for sale
Hoist parts
Crane wheels for sale
Crane wheels
Winch parts for sale
Winch parts
Power conductor system for sale
Power conductor system
Festoon system for sale
Festoon system
Crane remote control for sale
Remote control
Crane buzzer for sale
Crane buzzer
Crane cabin control for sale
Cabin control
Crane safety brake for sale
Safety brake
Crane end carriage for sale
End carriages
Cable reel drum for sale
Cable reel drum
Crane brake set for sale
Brake Set

Lifting Attachment

Lifting and rigging attachments are used on a crane or hoist between the hook and the item to be lifted. Lifting and rigging attachments must be properly configured for the weight of the load, the type of crane or hoist, and the type of chain, rope, or hook being used to lift the load.

There are many different product types. Choices include: C-hooks, clamps, fork tines, grapples, lifters, magnet lifters, shells or buckets, sling release systems, spreader beams, tongs or grabs, vacuum lifters and weighing equipment. Maximum load capacity, maximum lifting volume, and application or use are important specifications to consider.
Lifting attachment for paper mill for sale
Lifting attachment for paper mill
Lifting attachment for steel plate for sale
Lifting attachment for steel plate
Lifting attachment (magnet lifter) for steel billet for sale
Lifting attachment (magnet lifter) for steel billet
Lifting attachment (C-hook) for steel coil for sale
Lifting attachment (C-hook) for steel coil

Download PDF Datasheet

Download PDF Datasheet

Download PDF Datasheet

Download PDF Datasheet